Cut your health



in half...

Why are business owners paying DOUBLE for

private health insurance with high deductibles?

✔️ Get better coverage for half the cost.

✔️ Families of 5 save up to $6,000 per year!
✔️ Keep your current doctor.

✔️ Know your costs before you go!

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  • Choose Any Doctor

    Keep your current doctor or choose
    the specialist you want to visit and book an appointment. No referrals needed!

  • Know your costs before you go

    Shop for the lowest price of the health services you need, ahead of time;
    no more hidden costs!

  • Bundle and Save

    Our average family saves $6,000 or more per year on their health insurance premiums.

  • Instant Help when you need it

    Get access to additional 24/7 help online, included for free with your plan!

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